Green Direction Sustainability Consulting (Pty) Ltd was recently established by Jennifer Barnard in August 2016 to provide professional consulting services in sustainability.

Company Objectives:

To help clients develop an environmental consciousness to initiate and/or improve their sustainability journey, by providing the necessary skills to facilitate reduction in carbon emissions, to ensure efficiency in resource utilization, and to minimise waste, whilst ensuring environmental compliance within an environmental legislative framework.

To provide clients with their own specific “green direction” for their company, product and/or process

Sustainability services include:

Environmental Legislative Compliance such as Impact Assessment (Basic Assessments; Scoping and Environmental Impact Reporting, 24G Rectification Applications); environmental management programmes for construction and operational phases of developments; environmental screening and due diligence assessment; environmental site planning, compliance auditing, environmental planning (such as Strategic Environmental Assessments and Environmental Management Frameworks), Water Licenses, and Waste Licenses.

Green Policy Formulation including the development of an Environmental Management Programme to address reduction in carbon emissions, resource efficiency, and elimination of waste and pollution. 

Green Building Services for New Buildings and Existing Buildings, including Green Design Audits. 

In addition to her background in environmental impact assessment and project management, water use licenses, waste licenses, carbon management projects and green buildings, Jennifer has established a number of strategic collaborations with other specialist companies to provide a holistic approach to providing sustainable solutions.


Jennifer Barnard

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